Casket Selection Room
Whatever your needs or desires are, we offer many choices in wood and metal caskets. Wood caskets are in many varieties, mahogany, cherry, oak, maple and poplar, with crepe or velvet interiors. Metal caskets are available as protective or unprotective. There are different gauges, colors and styles. For more information, please visit,, or



Allen-Denesha Vault Products


Vaults are an outer enclosure for caskets of protective and personalized choices. They are constructed of high strength concrete and can also have layers of reinforced plastic and precious metals for added protection. Vaults are required by most cemeteries. We will help you to find out if this is requirement at your cemetery.

Cremation Choices

If cremation is your choice we can provide you with many options, urns, urn vaults, and cremation keepsake jewelry.


Urns may be displayed at home, placed in a columbarium, mausoleum or buried in an urn vault at the cemetery.


Urn Vaults

An urn vault is a protective outer burial container for an urn and some cemeteries require them, we can assist you to find out what your cemetery requirements are.

Urn Vault Variation 1Urn Vault Variation 2